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Tuition Schedule

Tuition may be paid over a ten month period beginning August of each year. Books are separate. Tuition payments are handled by the FACTS Tuition Management Company and specific information will be provided to each family after enrollment verification. A yearly registration fee of $450.00 is required. Multi-student discounts are available.


 CCGV              Grades                      Annual Tuition        Monthly/10 months 

 Member          Kindergarten-5th       $5,000                    $500   

                        6th-12th Grade:         $5,500                    $550 


 Non-member  Kindergarten-5th       $5,500                    $550

                         6th-12th:                   $6,000                    $600

FACTS Tution Payment Service

CCGVCA uses the FACTS Tuition Management Company to facilitate tuition payments. FACTS provides easy account sign up, flexible payment options and multiple payment methods (automatic bank debit, credit card, bank check draft).

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