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Parent / Teacher Portal

The Academy uses the GRADELINK School Administration System to connect teachers, parents and administration in a seamless, real-time environment that is as simple as using the internet. All Progress Reports and Report Cards for CCGVCA students are sent directly to parents via GRADELINK- no more little manila envelopes for students to carry home.

GRADELINK keeps parents totally involved in their child’s academic progress. Parents and students can access progress reports, current test scores, grades, performance, conduct, teacher comments and most up-coming assignments on-line from their own home computer. Automatic Grade Monitoring sends parents email alerts about their child's current progress, specifically if a child either excels or underachieves on an assignment or test. All of which can help contribute to a happier home on report card day.

The privacy of information is maintained with a secure login provided to each parent by the school office. If you have misplaced your GRADELINK login or the Notification Form, please Contact the School Office.  GRADELINK accounts data gets backed up and archived offsite daily. Even if your PC fails or is stolen, data remains safe at GRADELINK.

Contact the School office to obtain your secure login. Then login to stay informed. Click here to go directly to the GRADELINK login.

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