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History of CCGVCA

Founded in 2007 as a ministry of Calvary Chapel Green Valley, we are a family of believers committed to providing spiritual and academic excellence for all students. Each child is taught from a Christ-centered Worldview recognizing God as Creator, Lord and Savior.

At the Christian Academy you will discover a strong academic program, Christ-centered curriculum, and a dedicated, professional teaching staff. Our faculty and staff are born-again Christians who believe God’s Word to be the basis for their professional and personal lives.

Calvary Chapel Green Valley Christian Academy recognizes that students have varied learning styles, rates of learning, individual interests, and talents. We are dedicated to meeting the spiritual and academic needs of our students in learning environments that are challenging, engaging, and inspiring and where students are encouraged to explore and experience practical faith in their studies, elective choices, social development, priorities, and decision-making.

Students must be taught the Word of God to form an accurate understanding of God, themselves and their role as His creation. Our goal is that each student will receive a superior Christian education to mature spiritually, academically, physically and socially.

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