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Uniforms & Textbooks


Uniforms can be purchased directly from our uniform distributor


CCGVCA families will purchase textbooks directly from Bob Jones University (BJU).

A discount code will be provided upon admission. 

Parents  should purchase their assigned textbooks no later than August 1 of each year in order to receive delivery prior to the first day of school. This allows students to have their textbooks and novels on the first day of class.


The direct purchase of your students’ textbooks reduces the overall school costs for families.


Direct purchase of textbooks by parents has been calculated in the reduction of both Books/ Materials Fees and (Re)Enrollment Fees.


Each teacher, in consultation with the Administration, selects and registers the specific textbooks required for your students.

Additional Retailers

Note If you chose to purchase the textbooks (and novels) from another source, you must verify both the correct edition and ISBN# number for each book and the books MUST be available by the first day of school. While used text books are acceptable, the books must have all pages intact and may not have “answers” written in the columns nor on the pages. Students are not permitted to have a teacher’s edition textbook.

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