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Partnering with Parents


The purpose of a Christian education is to establish a solid foundation of Biblical truth and build upon a right relationship with God while equipping Christian scholars to successfully take the Gospel into the various disciplines of life. God has clearly identified parents as the primary educators of their children.


By coming alongside the Christian family, Calvary Chapel Green Valley Christian Academy supports students in the development of Christian character within their churches, families, and communities. Godly character is the foundation our students build upon as they move toward the call God has placed on their lives. We are committed to providing opportunities for students to develop and refine their God-given aptitudes in order to succeed in the good works He has prepared in advance for them.


The parents’ relationship with the Lord is a vital element in the educational development of their children because it is the primary influence that is set as the child’s example. Therefore, at least one parent must be a born-again believer, having testimony of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, both parents* must be in agreement that the child(ren) attend CCGVCA.


Guiding and inspiring our children to live a Christian life can be a struggle in this present age. Our greatest desire is to lead, by example, a life that points others directly to Jesus Christ. At CCGVCA we are accessible to pray with parents as well as students and to provide any supportive guidance as may be requested. Our teachers receive weekly support, training, education and encouragement to address the latest issues and influences of the culture. In addition, each morning the teachers and administration gather together to pray and study God’s Word, the primary textbook for life.  Parents are welcome to join us immediately thereafter for Morning Opening, a time of worship, pledges of loyalty, prayer and a daily challenge from our Through the Word Scripture reading.


An additional resource that has been found time and again to be particularly helpful, for both our own staff and school parents, is the book Shepherding A Child’s Heart, by Tedd Tripp. We are pleased to be able to provide a copy of this book to all school families who so desire. This is our gift to you and by no means compulsory reading nor a judgment of parenting ability, merely a tool that we are pleased to share with all parents. If you have not already received your free copy, just notify the office and it will be our pleasure to get one to you.


In the event parents are separated or divorced, the non-custodial parent will also be required to approve of the enrollment at CCGVCA, in writing, unless there is a specific court order granting one parent sole legal and sole physical custody or specifically granting permission for the child(ren) to attend. Simply approving enrollment will not create a tuition obligation except as otherwise agreed.

“And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.”   Acts 5:42

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