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Nevada Mandated School Closure Due to COVID-19


Dear School Families,

This afternoon at 3:00 PM, the Governor of Nevada issued a statement closing Nevada schools.  The Nevada Department of Education clarified at 3:28 PM that this closure includes not only Public Schools but also Private and Charter Schools.  The immediate closure is currently mandated through April 6, 2020.   We recognize this may cause hardship and inconvenience for school families and we encourage you to reach out to each other for assistance with childcare to permit you to meet your employment obligations. 

Please understand that our compliance with closing the building does not mean we have decided to close our school program. 

The Teachers will meet with Administration tomorrow morning to fully define our course of action for each student and grade level, including preparing course materials, assignments and lesson plans.  We want you to know that we have been preparing for this possibility and we ask that you remain patient as we work to best serve your students. 

As our Spring Break is scheduled to begin on April 6, 2020, this mandatory closure is likely to result in a 4 week school “building” closure.  Whether or not the State Department of Education determines that missed classes will need to be made up in the public schools, it is our desire that your students cover all material for their grade level.   Therefore we have prayerfully determined that every effort will be made to continue our Academy students’ education during the building closure as this is our main priority. 

We will notify you of the times available for students/parents to pick up their books and materials from their lockers and classrooms as well as lay out a detailed plan for distance learning during this unprecedented circumstance.  Please closely watch your email over the next few days.

Most Cordially,
Bill Adams




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